Befriend your hormones

Our humble hormones.

They're essentially responsible for every function in the human body. Fifty + hormones, constantly fluctuating, due to factors such as diet, exercise, stress and sleep. Understanding these hard working hormones is important for great mental and physical health maintenance.


What are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals made by specialist cells that are released directly into the blood stream to send messages between cells in distant parts of the body. This is why hormones are often referred to as “chemical messengers.” 

Different types of hormones act on different aspects of our bodily processes and functions. Some of these include:

  • development and growth
  • cognitive function and mood
  • reproductive growth and sexual health
  • metabolism 
  • maintenance of body temperature 
  • sleep

It’s crystal clear that hormones play a crucial role in our overall health and well-being; however, they can get out of balance. 


What are the symptoms of hormonal imbalance?  

Hormonal imbalance can lead to problems such as: 

  • weight gain
  • weak bones and muscle ache
  • poor sleeping patterns
  • fatigue
  • diabetes
  • increased thirst and hunger
  • depression or anxiety
  • decreased sex drive
  • skin and hair problems 

Do keep in mind that these symptoms are non-specific and are associated with other health problems. Having any one of them does not necessarily mean that you have a hormonal imbalance, but supporting hormonal balance is always a good thing.


How to retain hormonal balance naturally:

Our fast-paced, modern lifestyles are creating more cases of hormonal imbalance than ever. Fortunately, good lifestyle behaviours and daily habits can improve hormonal health. Here are some things that you can do today to maintain hormonal balance.


  • Eat a well-balanced diet

The right diet can go a long way in keeping your hormones in check. A diet rich in protein, fibre and healthy fats is especially important. Protein provides the body with amino acids that are essential to producing hormones.

In addition to protein, healthy fats are essential for healthy hormone function and balance, and fibre, which improves digestion and gut health, helps to regulate hormones.  

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  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs

Refined carbohydrates and processed sugar are known for driving hormones into a state of imbalance. Avoiding processed sugar and refined carbs in your diet is fundamental to keeping hormones in balance. Nonetheless, quality carbohydrates such as unprocessed whole grains, fruits and vegetables are necessary for creating hormones and maintaining overall hormone health. A great option for a highly nutritious and balanced meal is Green Fuel.


  • Get a daily dose of exercise

Physical activity can play a big role in maintaining hormonal balance and health. A mix of strength training and cardio workouts is ideal, as it boost hormonal balance. If you’re unable to perform vigorous exercise, regular walking also helps, so put on some good shoes and get out there and regulate those hormones.

Health tip: Exercise consistency is important, however, over-exercising is not. Any exercise that over-extends your body can wreak havoc on your hormones. Listen to your body and pay attention to the small details.  


  • Get enough sleep

A good diet and exercise alone are not enough to retain hormonal balance. You have to throw in enough restorative sleep into the mix. Poor sleep has links to imbalances in many hormones including cortisol, insulin, melatonin and leptin. But it’s not only the quantity of sleep that matters. Quality is also important! Uninterrupted, high-quality sleep is vital, especially for the release of growth hormones. So wind down each night and enjoy a good sleep. There's a million good reasons to indulge in sleep and hormonal balance is one of them. 


  • Add KIANO Tropical Balance to your diet!
  • Stress and anxiety can disrupt your body’s natural hormone balance, leading to health issues such as insomnia, weight gain, low energy, gastrointestinal problems and even infertility. 

    Adding Tropical Balance to your diet is a great way to enrich your body with powerful calming nutrients that soothe your body and mind. Tropical balance can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, and in so doing, help regulate hormone levels. 

    When it comes to hormones, pay attention to how you feel and give your body the right support. Listening to your body can make the difference between problematic hormones that are all over the place and balanced hormones that help you live a happy, healthy life. ❤️


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