Matcha Power Latte

Organic Matcha Powder Latte - Curb cravings with a hot or iced matcha latte. This great replacement for coffee has half the caffeine and a longer energy boost and burn. Go baby go!


Time to make:

5 mins 



2 tsp. Matcha Power

1 tsp. agave syrup (optional)

3 dl oat milk



1. Mix 1 dl oat milk, Matcha Power & agave.

2. Pour into an ice tray.

3. Freeze until solid.

4. Place the ice cubes in a tall glass.

5. Pour 2 dl of oat milk on top.

6. Let melt for a few minutes.

7. Enjoy!


Learn more about the superfood used in this recipe!

Matcha Power

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